Flooring installation


R.E.O. Flooring Solutions puts it all together for you with a superb flooring installation

R.E.O. Flooring Solutions’ flawless installations have made them the choice for discriminating customers. Ultimately, it all comes down to installation. The time you spend picking out the materials and consulting with the experts at R.E.O. Flooring Solutions and all the planning is for naught if the installation is not perfect. But with Craig in charge, your installation will be flawless. "Good enough" is a phrase you will never hear from anyone at R.E.O. Flooring Solutions. It is a concept that makes no sense when it comes to making sure your new floors are installed correctly. Twenty years in the business allows R.E.O. Flooring Solutions to do the job quickly, efficiently and professionally. Our crews know all the tricks to overcome any situation.

Commercial flooring installations

We excel in commercial installations in addition to installations for the homeowner. If you have a commercial property and want it done correctly and to last, R.E.O. Flooring is your first call.



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Job management is the key to a perfect installation

You’ve heard about job and materials management. No one does it better than the people at R.E.O. Flooring Solutions. Because of this, work goes smoothly. Installers have the proper tools and the materials they need in order to get the installation done right. Every square inch of the job is inspected, and only perfect passes.

We are expert at installations of all flooring products including:

  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Luxury vinyl tile

No mess for you to clean up after the installation is completed

When the installation is complete, R.E.O. Flooring Solutions’ crew will remove all the leftover material, all the trimmed material, and any debris on the job site. Craig understands if they have had the privilege of working for you in your home or your commercial property, it’s his job to leave it as clean as when they first arrived to do the install. Maybe his a little old fashion with the attention to detail, but at R.E.O. Flooring Solutions we promise quality and perfection when it comes to the flooring installation in your home.